CEO Greetings

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CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

Kolmar BNH will be the best Healthcare Partner
giving health and beauty to all.

Greetings. My name is Hwayung Jung, the CEO of Kolrmar BNH.

Kolmar BNH endeavor to provide health and beauty with research and development based on natural resources, and the result of those efforts was NO 1. Health functional food ODM Company in Korea.

And now, we have a bigger goal to become a Healthcare Partner reaching out to all of customers in the world.

From United States, Japan and Canada to Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Kolmar BNH is successfully expanding the business to worldwide.

We are the very first Korean Health functional food ODM Company to build overseas production base in China.

Please expect Kolmar BNH to proceed steadily towards the goal of 'customer impression' step by step as a partner of the customer who is in charge of health and beauty.

Thank you.