Health Functional Food

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Health Functional Food

Health Functional Food

Having employed the GMP management system, we flawlessly carry out production and quality management. We are an expert health functional food manufacturer that can support the entire process from development to production and shipment.

Health Functional Food Business Process
  • Product Planning

    Market survey, consumer trend review and information provision by sales distribution

  • Product Development

    Product development details review including functionality, form, content, printing and packaging

  • Development / Trial Production

    Raw ingredient selection, production method and process standards, prototype production and evaluation, determination of production unit and estimation

  • Request for certified analysis

    Request prototype to be tested at a certified testing lab

  • Contracting

    Enter into trading agreements under adequate price and other conditions, check orders, and request for item filing

  • Request for advertisement screening

  • Order / warehouse raw and auxiliary ingredients

  • Production

    Production order, records and product standards

  • Finished product testing

    Testing by company and certified agency, sample storage and quality management

  • Shipment

    Production report, production order record, and quality inspection record

  • Follow-up management