Company History

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Company History

Company History

We will continue to change and challenge.

Realizing the dream of beauty and health of humanity is the goal and mission of KolmarBNH.

  • 2017

    2017. 05

    Selected as a 2017 KOSDAQ 'Rising Star'

  • 2016

    2016. 12

    Achieved the 53rd Trade Day '20M Dollars Export Tower'
    Received minister’s commendation (MOTIE)

    2016. 11

    Atomy cosmetics Atomy Mexican subsidiary began export

    2016. 10

    Atomy cosmetics Atomy Philippine subsidiary began export

    2016. 09

    Atomy cosmetics Atomy Malaysian subsidiary began export

    2016. 06

    Selected as a 2016 KOSDAQ 'Rising Star'

  • 2015

    2015. 12

    Achieved the 52nd Trade Day '10M Dollars Export Tower'
    Atomy cosmetics Atomy Cambodian subsidiary began export

    2015. 04

    Received the 48th Science Day 'Scientific Technology Award'

    2015. 02

    Listed on KOSDAQ

    2015. 01

    Merged with Mirae Asset second specification
    Atomy cosmetics Atomy Singaporean subsidiary began export