R&D Achievement

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R&D Achievement

R&D Achievement

Major Research Performance
Major Results Description
1 Technology commercialization
  • HemoHim

  • Skin care 6 system and other cosmetic products

2 New form development
  • Fat burning foaming diet

    Stick jelly

    Troche tablet

  • Multi-color vitamin and mineral tablets

    Multi-Tip tablets

3 New product development
  • Multivitamins and multiminerals

    Health functional food with turmeric extract for joints

    Wild mango diet product

    Diet product with green coffee extract

    Omega-3 product


    Milk thistle products

    Rice embryo bud products

    Enzyme products


  • Color food multivitamins

    Diet product with ultra-chitosan

    Spirulina products

    Health functional food for menopausal women

    Saw palmetto products

    Lutein products

    Chewable calcium

    Velvet antler products

    Pycnogenol products

Research Project Performance
Agency Business Name Project Name Duration
KOITA Transferred technology R&D support Development of efficacy enhancing form of functional foods that increases immune and hematopoiesis functions and deters bodily damages 2004.06.01 - 2006.05.31
SMBA SME technology innovative development Development of pharmacological cosmetic ingredients and products using Gallic acid fatty acid derivative 2005.04.01 - 2007.03.31
Innopolis Foundation Special zone R&D Development of patient food and natural product forms using HemoHim 2007.08.01 - 2009.01.31
National Industry-University-Institute Foundation Industry-institute joint technology development support Evaluation of improvement effect and animal testing of HemoHim on its efficacy and side effect as carcinostatis substance 2008.07.01 - 2009.06.30
Innopolis Foundation R&D special zone strategic industry R&D Development and commercialization of natural health functional food for preventing and improving arthritis 2010.12.01 - 2012.09.30
MOHW / KHIDI Oriental medicine leading technology development Non-clinical trial for approval of supplement for chemotherapy made of samultanggagambang 2012.06.25 - 2016.06.24
MAFRA / IPET High added value food technology development Antithrombotic and brain function enhancing ingredient and commercialization using rice bran extract 2012.08.08 - 2015.08.07
MAFRA / RDA National agricultural R&D agenda Development of processing technology for improving blood flow and preventing obesity 2013.02.01 - 2015.12.31
MSIT / Innopolis Foundation Daedeok R&D special zone technology business (Research company strategy promotion) Development and commercialization of health functional food for preventing and improving obesity using natural composite extract 2013.06.01 - 2015.05.31
MAFRA / RDA National agricultural R&D agenda Development of health functional food for controlling blood sugar level using bitter gourd 2014.02.01 - 2016.12.31
MAFRA Food Functionality Evaluation Support Group Food functionality evaluation support Single organ, randomized, double blind crossover, comparison study to evaluate functionality and safety of improvement effect of KOL_VA_01 on patients with degenerative arthritis 2014.04.01 - 2015.12.31
MAFRA / IPET High added value food technology development Development of health functional food for joints using Angelica keiskei extract 2014.08.01 - 2017.07.31
MOTIE / KIAT Grass root company promotion support High added value activation for Korean chrysanthemum health functional food industry 2015.07.01 - 2018.06.30
MAFRA / IPET Agricultural and animal food R&D Development of health functional food for menopausal and metabolic disorders using legumes 2015.08.14 - 2019.08.13
MAFRA / IPET Agricultural industry technology development Development of health functional food using Jeju black and colored radish 2016.05.01 - 2020.12.31